1,000,000 sounds bold. We agree.

Our goal: provide 1,000,000 sessions in the next 10 years


"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."— Albert Einstein


We need to wipe the slate clean and begin with bold, radical ideas.

Let's start by eliminating the biggest barriers to sport psychology coaching: cost and accessibility. Put money, attention, and resources where it's most effective—in front of students. Next, teach at scale: make the service accessible to anyone, at any time, anywhere in the world.

We gathered the most creative minds, coaches, athletes, and professionals to teach 21st-century skills including breathing, problem-solving, mental preparation, sleep, teamwork, communication, pressure, anxiety management, routine building, and determination.

Bring people together to form a vibrant community and safe space to share, discuss and learn and the benefits will follow. Connect learners from different cultures, interests, age groups, and life experiences and the future of athletes will be strong.

That sounds modern, disruptive, and unlike anything else out there.

That’s because we believe the future of sport psychology coaching isn't a school at all— classrooms have no walls, students are never late, and classes are always in session.


Welcome to the school of tomorrow.

Welcome to MindReady.


Pay it forward for the next generation of athletes

Your purchase of MindReady sessions goes directly to athletes that desperately need the support but live in circumstances where they can't access this resource.

Real world support

Do your part in bringing this valuable and necessary resource to athletes in less fortunate situations.

Lasting impact

Sport psychology coaching not only increases performance on the field but also enhances quality of life off of it

Community Development

This training will enhance community development and the long-term education of all that participate.

Brand Recognition

Donating sessions as a brand will bring amazing recognition to your company's culture & mission.

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