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Welcome to the team.

Amazing opportunities await.

Why become a MindReady ambassador?

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Reliable income

Make introductions that lead to sales, earn income and become eligible for additional perks like sessions and gear.

Flexible hours

Engage with potential clients whenever and wherever works best for you.

Supportive community

Join a group of other talented athletes to exchange resources and communication.

Same-week start

Apply today. Start tomorrow.



Submit your application

After we receive your application, we’ll reach out via email.


Complete onboarding and training

Connect with our CEO about what we expect

from our MindReady ambassadors.


Start connecting

Set your own time and work connect with people in your community about MindReady


To participate in the MindReady ambassador program, all athletes are required to adhere to the following:

  • Be a current/former college or professional athlete

  • Must have at least 1,500 Instagram followers

  • Follow @mindready_us on all social media channels; like and comment on all posts

  • Make one 30-second commercial about the value of mental performance coaching, "All athletes should use MindReady because..." 

    • Best commercial in 2022 gets a $250 Visa gift card​

  • Individually post about MindReady on your Instagram story 4x per month and tag @mindready_us

  • Announce you are a MindReady Athlete on Instagram and add MindReady as a "collaborator"

  • Re-share every @mindready_us post on your Instagram story (and retweet if you have Twitter)

  • Receive a MindReady t-shirt if you put "@mindready_us athlete" in your bio

  • All introductions to teams made by MindReady ambassadors will receive a 10% commission if they lead to group sales

Ambassador Program

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Interested in other positions at MindReady?

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