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Our Purpose

To ensure your success as a human being first, then as an athlete.

Every athlete deserves an environment that nurtures, enhances, and develops their mental performance. Why? Because athletes need to train their minds just as much (if not more) than their bodies.

Care for all,
all in one place.

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Video-based sport psychology coaching coaching within 1 day

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Text communication and feedback within seconds

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Personalized, athlete-specific skill-building activities

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Hear from our coaches


"Having sessions available for athletes is important. Working with MindReady in this regard allows for communication with coaches to be accessible and available to athletes anytime, anywhere."

Gabe Zelico, M.A.


Dr. Rachel Hoeft, PsyD

"We believe it's pertinent to create an environment that supports and protects the mental performance of athletes. MindReady enables us to normalize discussing these issues that every athlete faces."


"The power of education destigmatizes these topics and can assist their knowledge from the ground up to create lasting success for all that participate."

Sarah Johnston, M.A.

Chalking Hands

Let's work together to support your athletic journey

For You

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"[My daughter] lacked the confidence but had all the skill. Our MindReady coach knew what to say and how to say it to help our daughter succeed."

Marc P.

Parent of 17 year old volleyball player

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