It's time to invest in your future as an athlete

Easy access to coaching — no matter where you are, when you need it, or what you’re going through.


Receive structured support today

Licensed therapists and sports psychologists are available on your terms and can be added to your care team for sessions via video after your initial consultation. Our team will work together to ensure you have everything you need to be successful on and off the field, court, course, or ice.

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On your schedule, on your terms, day or night


See improvements in your preparation and performance

50-60 min

Average time per week of coaching sessions


Sessions on the athlete's schedule

Mental skills don’t follow a 9-to-5 schedule. Our coaches and clinicians collaborate around the clock so that our members can connect with their care team within seconds, right from their smartphone.

Skills that adapt

Mental skills come in all shapes and sizes. Our team-based structure can flex to meet all levels of need, from everyday support to clinical care. And our virtual platform lets members access care in a mode that works best for them—through video, audio, and self-guided activities.


Progress that’s measured

Mental skills progress has traditionally been hard to track. Our platform automatically assesses information from sessions, gathering member insights that empower coaches and clinicians to track progress and deliver higher-quality, more effective coaching over time.

Coaching that scales

Worldwide demand for mental skills coaching is at an all-time high, so we made it possible to scale high-quality care across our global network of teams & universities. By using technology that automates workflows and administrative tasks, our care team can focus on what matters most—providing athletes with the focus they deserve.

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Our resources are designed and built for athletes like you, by athletes who have been in your shoes.

Easy access to coaching — no matter where you are, when you need it, or what you’re going through.