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Our mission is simple: Make quality sport psychology coaching and education accessible, affordable, and effective for athletes AND their families - so anyone who struggles with life’s challenges can get help, anytime, anywhere. We believe that consistent sport psychology coaching is the difference between finding success and failure in sports. Nowadays, with margins so narrow, with data and statistics being weighed heavier than ever before, it's what's between the ears that will create lasting success for athletes, university athletic departments, and high school programs. If every athlete has the tools at their disposal to succeed, they will sleep better, be happier, and be better teammates leading to increased performance and outcomes on and off the field. We are here to be a resource for athletes that they don't currently have. Before us, sport psychology coaching was nonexistent. Now, MindReady is here for athletes no matter their age, sport, or skill level. We are here to help athletes think better, play better, and be happier. Welcome to MindReady.

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I felt this as an athlete, and now it's time to finally do something about it


When I was playing in high school, college, professionally, and in Olympic competition, I searched for tools that could make me better between the ears. I was never able to find it. We built MindReady to provide these solutions to athletes who think like us.

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